It is impossible to make anything foolproof because fools are so ingenious.

Electronics with no limits

Giedi (LTD) was formed as an cooperation effect between group of electronics engineers, pojectants and programmers. Our main fields of activity are automotive and audio devices. Constantly cooperating with academics and Universities to implement their researches directlly into our R&D projects. Our long-term experience and practice gained on the fields of electronics, electroaccustics and automotive electronics makes us Your best Partner.

LPG/CNG Gas Conversion Systems — Since years we have designed and produced several types and generations of gas conversion systems for petrol-fuelled cars makes them being able to work with LPG and CNG. Our sollutions are used national- and worlwide in many Electronical Control Units different brands. Constant cooperation with many academic researchers brings up innovative Hi-Tech sollutions used in our products.

Knowledge & Hi-Tech — Giedi LTD offers complex project services for electronics. We are the creators and designers of one of the most modern and progressive system which controls the injection of gas into the petrol engines . Our science and techcal crew ables us to guide the projects in ranges of mechatronics, measurement techiques, automotive electronics, hi-fi, etc.

Audio hobby — We are the manufacturer of wide range of audio devices for most demanding customers and companies. Do not hestitate to ask us for our headphones amplifiers, end-amplifiers, or media converters (usb-i2s, spdif)





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